Our Core Values

Found People, Find People

We believe that every number has a name, every name has a story and every story matters to God.  When people come to a relationship with Christ we believe they will bring others to Him as well.

Growing People Change

We believe that if you are walking with Jesus He will change you by leading you to read His Word, take your next step in water baptism, regularly attend church, and live a life committed to Christ.

Saved People, Serve People

We believe that people who have a personal relationship with Christ will see as Jesus sees and responds as Jesus leads by serving people and community around them.

You Can't Outgive God

We believe that everything that we have comes from Christ.  From our health, our families, our homes, our jobs, etc.  By believing that we understand and support that the Bible requires us to give a portion of our finances back to the Him through the local church.  God is rarely ever early, but He is never late in anything He promises.

You Can't Do Life Alone

We believe that it is ok not to be ok.  By understanding that, we believe that community is essential for commitment.  Life is hard enough and we believe that doing life together as a community is the key to living a life of strength.
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